Social Media Policy and Guidelines

The LEC’s Facebook page is used as an important tool to actively engage with and inform the community. Council’s Social Media Policy can be viewed at

The LEC encourages discussion and opinion-sharing via LEC’s Facebook page, however spam (including unrelated Council issues, defamatory posts and comments, business promotion and/or any multiple posts which tag Council) will result in the post being untagged or removed. Council supports the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities ( and related Facebook policies, and requests Council Facebook users to do the same.

In order to ensure LEC’s Facebook page remains friendly and welcoming for all visitors, we do moderate the page and ask that when contributing to the LEC’s Facebook page, you ensure that you:

  • Do not harass, abuse, threaten or discriminate against other Facebook users.
  • Do not post items that are likely to offend others, particularly in reference to an individual or group’s age, disability, gender, political leaning, race, religion or sexuality.
  • Do not use obscene or offensive language.
  • Do not post repeat comments continuously.
  • Do not post or tag LEC excessively as this impedes the ability for others to utilise the page to communicate with Council. Excessive posts from an individual may result in untagging or post removal, in the interests of the community.
  • Do not promote commercial interests, advertisements or endorsements of anything that is not LEC related. This will be considered ‘spam’ and will be deleted.
  • Do protect your personal privacy by not publicly posting personal information, such as email addresses, phone numbers and home addresses on LEC’s Facebook wall.

Failing to adhere to the above guidelines will result in moderation and potential untagging of LEC and removal of posts from LEC’s Facebook wall.